first script reading for enas evilive
First script reading for ENA’s Evilive

The article titled "First script reading for ENA's Evilive" provides an exciting glimpse into the highly anticipated drama. The drama, previously known as "Biography of a Villain," features a talented cast including Shin Ha-kyun, Kim Young-kwang, and Shin Jae-ha. The story revolves around Han Dong-soo, a lawyer who sees prisons as a potential source of clients. However, when he crosses paths with Seo Do-young, the mob's number two, Dong-soo finds himself making a dangerous choice. The article highlights the tense atmosphere of the script reading and introduces viewers to the characters and their dynamics. With a premiere scheduled for October 14, fans can look forward to an intense and thrilling noir experience.

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Plot Summary

Evilive, previously titled Biography of a Villain, is a Korean drama that centers around the life of Han Dong-soo, a rational and jobbing lawyer. Despite his seemingly ordinary profession, Dong-soo has an inner restlessness that leads him to see prisons as a potential source of clients for his legal services. However, his life takes a dangerous turn when he is tempted by Seo Do-young, the second-in-command of a criminal organization. Do-young offers Dong-soo the opportunity to cross into his world, presenting a risky decision for the lawyer. Dong-soo's younger brother, Han Beom-jae, who works at a used computer shop, also becomes entangled in Dong-soo's law cases, leading to potential conflicts and challenges. The drama explores themes of temptation, loyalty, and the consequences of one's choices.

Overview of the drama

Evilive is a noir drama that delves into the morally gray areas of society through its complex characters and their intertwining lives. With a focus on the legal profession and the criminal underworld, the drama aims to captivate viewers with its intriguing plot and character development. The story explores the internal struggles faced by the protagonist, Han Dong-soo, as he navigates the blurred lines between right and wrong, ultimately questioning the nature of good and evil.

Main characters and their roles

  • Han Dong-soo: A rational and jobbing lawyer who sees prisons as a hive for potential clients. Despite his seemingly ordinary life, he harbors a restless spirit that leads him to make dangerous choices.
  • Seo Do-young: The second-in-command of a criminal organization. Do-young tempts Dong-soo to cross into his world, presenting a dangerous and tempting offer.
  • Han Beom-jae: Dong-soo's younger brother who works at a used computer shop. He becomes involved in Dong-soo's law cases, potentially leading to conflicts and challenges for the brothers.

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Promotion and Release

Promotional campaign for the drama

ENA's Evilive has kicked off its promotional campaign by releasing footage from the drama's first script reading. The promotional materials aim to generate anticipation among viewers by showcasing the talented cast, including leads Shin Ha-kyun, Kim Young-kwang, and Shin Jae-ha. The campaign seeks to highlight the intriguing plot and complex characters that viewers can expect to see in the drama.

Release date and timeslot

Evilive is set to premiere on October 14, with ENA's new Saturday-Sunday timeslot. The drama will offer audiences a weekend viewing experience, allowing them to immerse themselves in the suspenseful world of Evilive. The choice of the timeslot indicates the network's confidence in the drama's potential and its belief in capturing a wide audience.

Script Reading

Description of the script reading event

The first script reading for Evilive was an important event that brought together the cast and crew to familiarize themselves with the script and establish a cohesive vision for the drama. The script reading serves as a foundation for the production process, as it allows the actors to understand their characters and the overall tone of the drama. It also provides an opportunity for the collaboration between the cast and director to begin.

Lead actors participating in the reading

At the script reading, lead actors Shin Ha-kyun, Kim Young-kwang, and Shin Jae-ha showcased their dedication to their roles. Shin Ha-kyun, playing the rational lawyer Han Dong-soo, displayed his ability to portray the complexity and internal struggles of the character. Kim Young-kwang, portraying the intriguing character of Seo Do-young, demonstrated his talent for bringing depth and intensity to the role. Shin Jae-ha, taking on the role of the younger brother Han Beom-jae, showcased his ability to navigate complex relationships and convey emotion.


Han Dong-soo - The rational and jobbing lawyer

Han Dong-soo is the central character of Evilive, portrayed by Shin Ha-kyun. He is a rational and jobbing lawyer who sees prisons as a potential source of clients for his legal services. Although he appears ordinary on the surface, Dong-soo possesses an inner restlessness that leads him to make dangerous choices.

Seo Do-young - The mob's number two

Seo Do-young, played by Kim Young-kwang, is the second-in-command of a criminal organization. He tempts Han Dong-soo to cross into his world, presenting a dangerous offer that blurs the lines between right and wrong.

Han Beom-jae - Dong-soo's younger brother

Han Beom-jae, portrayed by Shin Jae-ha, is Han Dong-soo's younger brother. While working at a used computer shop, Beom-jae becomes entangled in Dong-soo's law cases and brokers information for him. Despite their differences, Beom-jae encourages his brother to embrace risks and avoid being overly cautious.

Production Team

Directors of the drama

Evilive is directed by PD Kim Jung-min, known for his work on Remarriage & Desires and Bad Guys. PD Kim Sung-min also co-directs the drama, bringing his wealth of experience to the production team.

Scriptwriters for the drama

The script for Evilive is written by Seo Hui and Lee Seung-hoon. With a talented writing team, the drama aims to deliver engaging dialogue, compelling plotlines, and nuanced character development.

Premiere Date

October 14 as the premiere date

Evilive is scheduled to premiere on October 14, generating excitement among viewers who are eagerly awaiting the drama's release. With a compelling plot and a talented cast, the premiere date marks the beginning of an anticipated viewing experience.

ENA’s new Saturday-Sunday timeslot

ENA has given Evilive a prime spot in its new Saturday-Sunday timeslot, positioning the drama for success. By offering the drama on weekends, ENA aims to capture a broad audience and provide viewers with a thrilling and immersive viewing experience.

Relevant Previous Works

Other dramas featuring the lead actors

Shin Ha-kyun, Kim Young-kwang, and Shin Jae-ha have each built impressive portfolios with previous works. Shin Ha-kyun has garnered critical acclaim for his performances in Yonder and other notable dramas. Kim Young-kwang has showcased his versatility in Call It Love and has become a rising star in the industry. Shin Jae-ha has made a name for himself through his role in Taxi Driver 2 and has established himself as a promising young actor. The inclusion of these talented actors in Evilive adds to the anticipation surrounding the drama.

Previous works of the production team members

PD Kim Jung-min and PD Kim Sung-min have both directed successful dramas in the past. Their previous works, such as Remarriage & Desires and Bad Guys, have received positive reviews for their storytelling and direction. With their experience, the production team of Evilive brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the drama, raising expectations for its quality.

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Other related articles and news

Additional articles and news related to Evilive can provide further insights and updates for interested viewers. These posts may delve into interviews with the cast and crew, behind-the-scenes footage, or analysis of the drama's themes and storytelling techniques.

Casting and news updates

Stay up to date with the latest casting announcements and news updates surrounding Evilive. As the drama progresses, new information may emerge that adds to the excitement and anticipation among viewers.

Streaming and Airing Schedule

Upcoming episodes of the drama

Fans of Evilive can look forward to upcoming episodes that will delve deeper into the narrative and character development. The drama's airing schedule will provide viewers with the opportunity to follow the story and witness the twists and turns that lie ahead.

Current streaming platforms for the drama

Evilive will be available for streaming on select platforms, allowing viewers to watch the drama at their convenience. Stay tuned for announcements regarding the streaming platforms that will carry the show.

Reader Comments

Comments and reactions from readers

As Evilive captures the attention of viewers, their comments and reactions provide valuable feedback and insights into the drama's impact on the audience. Reader comments can serve as a platform for discussions and discussions about the characters, plot developments, and overall enjoyment of the drama.

Highlighted comments and discussions

Highlighted comments and discussions can shed light on popular opinions and noteworthy insights from readers. These comments may offer an alternative perspective or highlight particularly powerful moments within the drama. By featuring these discussions, readers can engage in a deeper exploration of Evilive and its impact on viewers.

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