apple arcade announces four new games and 40 updates for september
Apple Arcade Announces Four New Games and 40+ Updates for September

Apple Arcade has announced an exciting lineup of new games and updates for the month of September. The four new games being added to the service this month are Cypher 007, Japanese Rural Life Adventure, Junkworld, and My Talking Angela 2+. These games offer a diverse range of experiences, from a modern twist on a spy adventure game to a cozy life simulation set in the beautiful seasons of Japan. Additionally, over 40 games that are already available on Apple Arcade will be receiving updates throughout the month. With its ad-free, no in-app purchases model, Apple Arcade continues to provide a high-quality gaming experience for its subscribers.

Four New Games

Apple announced that it is adding four new games to Apple Arcade this month, including Cypher 007, Japanese Rural Life Adventure, Junkworld, and My Talking Angela 2+. These games offer a diverse range of experiences, from thrilling spy adventures to cozy life simulations and exciting tower defense gameplay.

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Cypher 007

Cypher 007 is an all-new James Bond experience where players will immerse themselves in a modern twist on a spy adventure game. This mobile game offers an exciting opportunity to step into the shoes of Agent 007 and engage in thrilling missions. With its immersive gameplay and captivating storyline, Cypher 007 is set to provide players with an exceptional gaming experience.

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Japanese Rural Life Adventure

In Japanese Rural Life Adventure, players can escape to the slow life of the Japanese countryside. This cozy life simulation game allows players to experience the changing seasons of Japan while engaging in various activities, such as farming, fishing, and interacting with the local community. With its stunning visuals and serene atmosphere, Japanese Rural Life Adventure offers a peaceful and immersive gaming experience.


Junkworld is a tower defense game that takes place in treacherous terrains. Players must strategically deploy dynamic heroes and defend against waves of enemies. With its challenging gameplay and vibrant graphics, Junkworld offers an engaging and addictive gaming experience. Players will need to use their tactical skills to overcome the obstacles and come out victorious in this thrilling tower defense game.

My Talking Angela 2+

My Talking Angela 2+ is the latest installment in the popular virtual pet game series, Talking Tom & Friends. In this game, players take care of Angela, a lovable virtual pet. They can dress her up, play mini-games, and interact with her in various ways. With its charming graphics and interactive features, My Talking Angela 2+ provides a fun and entertaining gaming experience for players of all ages.

Updates for September

Aside from the new games, Apple Arcade also announced updates for several popular games on the service. These updates aim to enhance the gaming experience and provide new content for players to enjoy. Some of the notable updates for September include Hello Kitty Island Adventure, Jetpack Joyride 2, WHAT THE CAR?, Cityscapes: Sim Builder, and Angry Birds Reloaded.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Hello Kitty Island Adventure, a charming life simulation game featuring beloved Sanrio characters, has received high praise from players. With a fan rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, Hello Kitty Island Adventure has captured the hearts of many. The upcoming update for the game will introduce a Spooky Celebration event, allowing players to engage in festive activities. Additionally, new visitors, including Baku, Cherry, and Berry, will be introduced to the island, further enriching the game's world.

Jetpack Joyride 2

Jetpack Joyride 2, a sequel to the popular endless runner game, is celebrating its one-year anniversary on Apple Arcade. To commemorate this milestone, the game will receive two new game modes, offering fresh challenges for players to conquer. In addition, mini events will be introduced, adding more excitement and rewards to the gameplay experience. The anniversary update for Jetpack Joyride 2 promises to provide players with new ways to enjoy this beloved game.


WHAT THE CAR? is a unique car puzzle game that offers a blend of creativity and problem-solving. While details about the upcoming update are not mentioned, players can expect exciting new features and improvements that will further enhance their puzzle-solving experience.

Cityscapes: Sim Builder

Cityscapes: Sim Builder offers players the opportunity to create and manage their own virtual cities. The upcoming update for this simulation game promises to introduce new content and features that will allow players to expand and beautify their cities. With its immersive gameplay and realistic mechanics, Cityscapes: Sim Builder continues to provide a satisfying city-building experience for players.

Angry Birds Reloaded

Angry Birds Reloaded, a revamped version of the classic Angry Birds game, has garnered attention and excitement from fans. The upcoming update for this game will unveil exciting new features and improvements. While specific details are not mentioned, players can expect a refreshed gameplay experience that stays true to the beloved Angry Birds franchise.

In conclusion, Apple Arcade continues to deliver a diverse range of gaming experiences for its subscribers. The addition of four new games, including Cypher 007, Japanese Rural Life Adventure, Junkworld, and My Talking Angela 2+, offers a mix of thrilling adventures and immersive simulations. Furthermore, the updates for popular games like Hello Kitty Island Adventure, Jetpack Joyride 2, WHAT THE CAR?, Cityscapes: Sim Builder, and Angry Birds Reloaded ensure that players have fresh content to enjoy. With Apple Arcade's ad-free and no in-app purchases model, subscribers can indulge in these games without interruptions or additional costs. Whether it's exploring the Japanese countryside or defending against waves of enemies, Apple Arcade provides a rich gaming experience for players of all ages.

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