austria offers free rail travel for a year if you get a tattoo
Austria offers free rail travel for a year – if you get a tattoo

In a unique bid to promote sustainable travel, Austria is offering free rail travel for a year to individuals who are willing to get a tattoo of the rail card logo. The initiative is part of the popular Klimaticket travel pass introduced in 2021 as a means to combat climate change. This offer has received both praise and backlash, with music festival attendees being invited to turn their bodies into permanent billboards for the Klimaticket. While some have embraced the opportunity, others are skeptical, considering the potential cost of tattoo removal. Meanwhile, in another incident involving tattoos and travel, two German tourists were arrested in Florence for spraying soccer-related graffiti on a historic landmark. As summer draws to a close in the Northern Hemisphere, travelers are making the most of their last vacation opportunities, particularly with Labor Day approaching. Numerous people are flocking to airports, resulting in longer wait times. To ease the discomfort, CNN Underscored has compiled a list of comfortable and affordable sandals for those embarking on trips. And if you happen to be one of the many individuals whose baggage has gone missing, CNN Travel is interested in hearing your story if you're using a tracking device to locate your lost luggage. On a lighter note, a rare baby giraffe without spots was recently born at a zoo in Tennessee, while a baby gorilla in Australia found a new adoptive mother after being rescued and cared for by a zookeeper. Finally, Loch Ness monster enthusiasts in Scotland are preparing for the largest creature hunt in 50 years, utilizing the latest survey technology in their search for Nessie.


This comprehensive article covers a range of travel news topics from around the world. It starts with an introduction and then delves into various sections, including Austria introducing free rail travel, a controversial tattoo campaign, a graffiti incident in Florence, travelers preparing for the vacation season, comfortable and affordable sandals, lost luggage tracking, rare baby animals, and a Loch Ness monster hunt. Each section is discussed in detail, providing readers with valuable information and insights into these travel-related topics.


In this week's travel news, various stories have made headlines, ranging from tattoos and graffiti causing trouble in Europe to the birth of rare baby animals and preparations for the upcoming vacation season. Additionally, CNN Travel seeks stories from passengers who have lost their luggage and are using tracking devices to locate it. Lastly, volunteers in Scotland are embarking on a big Loch Ness monster hunt. Let's explore each of these topics further.

Austria introduces free rail travel

Austria introduced the Klimaticket travel pass in 2021 as part of an initiative to tackle climate change. The pass allows for unlimited rail, bus, tram, and metro travel throughout the country. A recent controversial campaign endorsed by Austria's climate minister offered a year's free public transport to individuals who got a tattoo of the rail card logo on their body. The campaign received backlash, particularly from music festival attendees who were invited to turn their bodies into permanent billboards. The cost of tattoo removal is a potential concern for those who participated in the campaign.

Controversial tattoo campaign

The controversial tattoo campaign in Austria, which offered a year's free public transport for getting the rail card logo tattooed, generated swift backlash. Attendees of music festivals were lured into becoming walking advertisements for the Klimaticket. The Klimaticket is a popular travel pass that allows unlimited rail, bus, tram, and metro travel throughout Austria. The campaign raised concerns about the ethics and permanence of such endorsements. Additionally, the potential cost of tattoo removal has been a topic of discussion.

Graffiti incident in Florence

In Florence, Italy, a graffiti incident occurred when two German tourists were arrested for spraying Munich soccer-related graffiti on the 460-year-old Vasari Corridor leading up to the Uffizi Galleries. The director of the museum is calling for strict legal action to be taken against the perpetrators. This incident highlights the need for preservation and respect for historical landmarks and cultural heritage.

Travelers prepare for vacation season

As summer comes to a close in the Northern Hemisphere, travelers are taking advantage of the remaining warm weather and planning vacations. The upcoming Labor Day weekend is expected to see a surge in airport travel, especially for international trips. With the increase in travel, airports may become crowded, and passengers should prepare for longer wait times and potential delays. Despite these challenges, CNN Underscored, a product reviews and recommendations guide, has compiled a roundup of comfortable and affordable sandals to make travel more enjoyable and comfortable.

Comfortable and affordable sandals

CNN Underscored has curated a roundup of comfortable and affordable sandals for travelers in preparation for the vacation season. These sandals are designed to make long walks and exploring new destinations more comfortable. The article provides recommendations and reviews for a variety of sandals, helping travelers choose the best option for their needs. From supportive hiking sandals to stylish and versatile options, there is something for everyone in this comprehensive roundup.

Lost luggage tracking

Losing luggage can be a frustrating experience for travelers. CNN Travel is seeking stories from passengers who have lost their luggage and are using tracking devices, such as AirTags, to locate it. This initiative aims to gather first-hand accounts of passengers' experiences with tracking devices and the effectiveness of their use. Passengers who have lost their luggage and are actively tracking it are encouraged to share their stories by contacting CNN Travel. The chosen stories may be featured in a future CNN article, providing valuable insights and potentially helping others who find themselves in a similar situation.

Rare baby animals

Two rare baby animals have made headlines recently. At Brights Zoo in Tennessee, a baby giraffe was born without spots, making it an incredibly rare occurrence. This solid-colored reticulated giraffe is believed to be the only one of its kind anywhere in the world. In Australia's Mogo Wildlife Park, a baby gorilla was rescued by a zookeeper when it was close to death. The zookeeper cared for the gorilla like a human newborn, and it has now found a new adoptive gorilla mom. These heartwarming stories highlight the importance of wildlife conservation and the efforts made to protect and care for endangered species.

Loch Ness monster hunt

In Scotland, volunteers are embarking on the biggest Loch Ness monster hunt in 50 years. Using the latest survey equipment, these dedicated individuals aim to uncover any evidence of the famous creature living in the lake. Whether it's the elusive Nessie or potentially a whole family of creatures, the hunt is anticipated with excitement. This expedition showcases the enduring fascination with the Loch Ness monster and the dedication of those who continue to search for answers.

In conclusion, this comprehensive article covers a range of travel news topics from around the world. From controversial campaigns and graffiti incidents to preparations for the vacation season and rare baby animals, there is something to interest every traveler. Additionally, the article highlights the importance of tracking lost luggage and seeks firsthand accounts from passengers. Lastly, the Loch Ness monster hunt in Scotland captures the imagination and curiosity of people worldwide.

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